How to bluff in poker

One of the ways to improve the poker skill is to find as many ways as possible to continue the aggressive game. Then the opponents will have no other choice, besides how to fold the cards, regardless of the quality of the hands. A continued bet on the flop is a useful move. If you […]

New Poker – 6+ Hold’em

If the combination of the six and the plus is associated only with an iPhone, and you cannot imagine what relation this combination may have to the poker format, then you most likely lagged behind the latest innovative events in the world of poker as a whole. The fact is that two such famous figures […]

Poker comfort zone

Each person has his own comfort zone. And it does not matter who exactly this person is and where he is. Even a homeless citizen living in an ordinary cardboard box, going beyond it, will leave his own comfort zone. After all, it is in her that he feels confident and calm. Few people think […]