Isolation in the game – the main principles

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Any advantages in the game can be designated by the degree of their importance. So, if we consider the mechanisms of poker, it becomes clear that the most important advantage of the player here is the advantage that comes to the game along with your cards. The second advantage is the position advantage. As for our today’s topic – isolation in the poker game of our opponents with you – then we would classify this advantage more as a category of game class advantages.
Let’s look at this with a specific example. So, there are often such players at the table who can throw out a hand, which consists of a king and a four, being in the UTG position – this, in fact, is a big mistake. In such a situation, in addition to good players at the table in the positions of the blinds are two big fish. After making a pair of hands, such a player raises from the CO, having only a jack and a seven, but this is also a big mistake. Why did it happen? It is the advantage of the level of the game that made the difference. The very same theoretical opportunity to play the pot against not-too-good players, which was justified by the risk of playing with a hand consisting of the king and four of the PLO, and playing the pot in positions against a good player with a hand that includes a jack and a seven is exactly that which is doomed to lose.
You always need to think about who to play the pots with, if you don’t want to be isolated in the game – remember this.
Another option – an example of a raise, which is held from the position of the loaf. Many players believe that if they raise, taking the button, they can easily get the blinds. Of course, one cannot but agree that taking the blinds is a pleasant pleasure. But, we raise, in the button’s position with a wide range of cards, respectively, we just have the advantage of position, and in this case we can not hesitate to sacrifice our advantage of the cards in order to isolate the blinds. True, you should never forget that raises made from the button are not intended to steal the blinds, but so that later you can play the pots with these blinds. By and large, it is time to understand that stealing the blinds is nothing more than dead extra cash, which seems to be there, but there is no benefit from it …