New Poker – 6+ Hold’em

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If the combination of the six and the plus is associated only with an iPhone, and you cannot imagine what relation this combination may have to the poker format, then you most likely lagged behind the latest innovative events in the world of poker as a whole. The fact is that two such famous figures in the world of modern poker, like Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan, developed their own version of poker, and called it six plus hold’em. The main difference of this type of poker is that it is played with a deck, which consists of thirty-six cards, and the ace here can be the high and low card at the same time – some analogy with respect to the five at the assembly of the straight is tracked. The creators of this new poker, as well as all the creators, are confident that their child has tremendous chances for success. Moreover, it has more adrenaline and action, especially if you compare the new type of poker with the classic Texas Hold’em. However, whether this is so or is it just the figments of its creators, we can find out if we play a new kind of poker. Once, a similar revolution in the poker industry was conducted by Chinese poker, although in his case there was more expectation than reality.
By the way, about the level of complexity of his new type of poker, Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan are sure that this type of game will be a part of even newbies. So, if you are not too strong in the classic manifestations of poker – perhaps you should get acquainted with the new game closer.
Chinese poker – success already in the past
It is noteworthy that the High Rollers from China have already fallen in love with a new kind of poker, and according to the survey results they prefer six plus hold’em rather than Chinese poker or no-limit hold’em. It turned out that the game was shortened with a deck of cards, consisting of thirty-six items, to their liking. Phil Ivey himself admitted in his interview that he was just in awe of the new poker, and there really was a lot of action and big banks in it. However, this does not mean that the requirements for the level of skill have decreased significantly. Playing has become easier, but the game has not become easy and still it requires your skill, your poker knowledge and your diligence. In the six plus hold’em win the masters, but the factor of luck and dispersion here also plays not its last role. Therefore, here you must rely on yourself and the wind in your sails.