Poker comfort zone

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Each person has his own comfort zone. And it does not matter who exactly this person is and where he is. Even a homeless citizen living in an ordinary cardboard box, going beyond it, will leave his own comfort zone. After all, it is in her that he feels confident and calm.
Few people think about how the comfort zone affects the overall standard of living. If in developed countries, it is limited not just to their own housing or yard, but even to the whole area, then in poorer states, people do not care what happens behind the door of their own apartments. On how to get out of the comfort zone and whether poker players should do this, let’s talk further.
How convenient and dangerous to create your own comfort zone in poker
Unfortunately, many poker players also refuse to leave their own comfort zone. Day after day, they choose for themselves habitual lines of behavior that are far from always becoming loyal and advantageous, which makes it difficult to earn money from poker. It is much easier for them to resort to repeatedly tested solutions than to try something new. But it is precisely changes and innovations that are the key to success. It is impossible to achieve more if you do not start doing more than usual – this truth should always be in the mind of every player who aspires to become a true professional.
The habit of carefully guarding your comfort zone ends with the fact that even in situations where you can take advantage of the presence at the table is not the best player, many poker players are looking for excuses to make a choice in favor of a standard move that does not require the start of the mental process. Unfortunately, they are not able to conduct any kind of introspection on this issue. It is much easier to say that there are still not enough hands on this player and it is very difficult to analyze the situation. But otherwise, the final result could be much more pleasant.