The interaction of two concepts in poker

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And if it is quite simple to undеrstand that both of these concepts play an important role, then it is sometimes much mоre difficult to understand how they interact. But in the end, it all comes down to ranges. For exаmple, becoming the owner of a weak hand, a poker player evaluates the range of his opponent’s hands and understands that for a positive result, it is important for him to hit the flop well. Accordingly, with a decrease in implied odds, the chances that the hand will be paid should increase. However, in this position, the enemy range must also be stronger.
If we evaluate the situation from the position of fold equity, we can conclude that it relies precisely on the weakness of the opponent’s range. The essence of the concept lies in the fact that the enemy has a rather wide range, containing an impressive number of hands, to continue the further game with which it is completely meaningless. His normal reaction to aggression in this case will be the discarded cards.
Considering all of this, the main conclusion suggests itself, which suggests that a player simply cannot have both simultaneously excellent implied odds in poker and quite a lot of fold equity, since his opponent cannot have both a weak and a strong hand range at once. It is the use of this concept in practice that allows you to make the right decisions regarding the drawing of various hands at different stages.
The chоice of the optimal strategy of the game very much depends on how much information is known about a particular opponent. It’s no secret that many experienced poker players prefer the game in a rather narrow circle. This is due to the fact that they manage to save a lot of information regarding the behavior of specific people and learn to draw the right conclusions based on some trifles. Playing with new opponents, you should pay as much attention as possible to timing and other reads, which allow you to draw a more or less clear picture of what is happening.
Indеed, with the increase in information regarding the range of hands of an opponent, it becomes much easier to make a choice in favor of one of the two concepts under consideration. In order to play with speculative hands and draws was quite simple, it is very impоrtant to understand that only in extremely rare cases are both implied odds and fold equity at approximately the same level. Almost always the scales are on the side of only one of these concepts. Realizing this and evaluating the situation on this side, any poker player will be able to show a much more efficient game.